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Transporation and Financial Mangament

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Financial Planning: Transportation, Budgeting, Materials, Services.


The financial planning will be completed by the 4th hour students in Mr. Stelter 's 7th grade math and Ms. Nett's 8th grade algebra classes combined.


Problem Three:  11Field1.pdf - Students determine the number of board feet in a tree and the value of each species of tree. The final product will determine the approximate value of the stand of trees within our project.


Problem Two: The 170-7th and 8th grade students will be divided into 8 groups. One-two groups will be going to the Easton site and one -two groups going to the Strongs Prairie Site each of 3 days, April 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2008. The students need to determine the most inexpensive, but plausable way for these students to travel.


Easton site directions          Strongs Prairie site directions


The Herb Barnes formula for tranportation

                        = ((((H-2) * B) + A) * 1.25)  + (M*X)

H = Amount of driver hours (only when over 2) rounded ahead to the nearest quarter hour.

B = Each hour after 2 hours ($8.97)

A = 1st 2 hours with driver ($21.12)

M = number of miles traveled

X = charge per mile ($1.11)


Problem One:  One porta potty will be needed at each site for three days. Who rents them, how much are they, any possiblity of reduce costs or donations? Where does the $$$ come from?

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