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  • 2nd meeting March 18th, Tuesday, 3:40 - 5:15 In Mrs. Ebert's room. Play voki
    • March 18th: Agenda
    • In attendance  : Ms. Cote, Mr. Grallap, Mrs. Murphy, Ms. Ebert, Mr. Stelter, Ms. Nett

      We discussed boundaries of each school forest.

      We planned first data collection. – Ebert and Murphy

       10th and cree Easton Project - Murphy

       Strongs Prairie - Ebert_s


       1st visits April 21st-24th, 5th hour through silent reading.

       Porta potty/First aid kits/

       Planning time, Resource availability

  • 1st meeting March 10th at 3:40 - 5:15, Mrs. Ebert's room. see attached flyerEEd.pdf
  • Ebert, Loren;  Murphy, Cote, Meyers, Lawsing, Gralapp, Stelter, Nett, Werner, and mysef were in attendance. Mr. Moore stopped by to say he and Mr. Engle wanted to participate, but couldn't stay. Michelle Crispell is willing also.
  • We discussed the project and lessons plans. Most had already had an idea of what they wanted to do because they were searching the wiki. - See names by lessons on wiki project pages.
  • Discussion of each project's exact location and exactly where everything was taking place was discussed. We checked with the project plan given to me from Bill Peterson.
  • Resources were given out for the lesson planning and teachers were collaborating on plans.
  • Many good ideas were heard. Ms. Nett and Mr. Stelter were excited to get started and discussed how well the 8th graders will work with the 7th graders.
  • What do we need to do next?


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