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AF Go Green Project:


  No Learner Left Inside!



VISION: Creating a multidisciplinary unit that includes

multiple grade levels and multiple schools.


Saving the Karner Blue Butterfly

Easton Project    Strongs Prairie Project     Hops and Plops



  • Mrs. Ebert's summer school class took data June 7 - 25th. We visited each of the three sites and collect data on worm, tree, density, lupine, Karner, and other flora and fuana species. If you would like ot join us email me at ebert_s@af.k12.wi.us.
  • 6 students, Mr. Stelter, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Ebert and Ms. Wood began collecting data at the Easton site, April 24th and April 29th and saw 1 butterfly! See the easton project for data and pictures.
  • I met with the school board on Monday April 14th at 7pm, and they all liked the project!!
  • Mrs. Murphy and I are going to visit the sites tonight, April 15th after school.
  • Mr. Stelter and Ms. Nett's classes will have the transportation budget completed, see side bar and select financial planning page.
  • Mrs. Murphy and I will be ready to take students to the 2 Karner Blue Butterfly sites in early May.(pending site visit)
  • I spoke with Bill Peterson, he has been searching for a transportation grant for us and he may have most of the supplies that we need to get started!!
  • We are looking into porta potties.


1. In Strongs Prairie and Easton townships, there is an endangered species--the Karner blue buttefly that need protection. We can improve the area in which they live with the guidance of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the NRCS.

2. Adjacent to the bus barn, Adams County Land Conservation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife are working with me to create a turtle and frog pond, which I have named "The Hops and Plops Project".

The prairie restoration has been put on hold. The endangered species project is more pressing.



Kids Endangered Species New resources with be available soon, as the feds are going to send me some current sites that are are related to our project and the grant in which these projects will be funded.

No Child Left inside Act

LEAF Learning, Experiencing, Activities in Forestry - The Wisconsin K-12 Forestry Education Program - Lesson Plans

KEEP - K-12 Energy Education System - avtivites and lessons that are fantastic!!!

RAFT assignments


Positve Reasons for Joining this Project:

  • This fabulous opportunity to be the first teachers to collaborate across schools and grade levels using 21st century technology tools.
  • Great for PDPs.
  • Lessons are, for the most part, preplanned, aligned to standards and include assessments.
  • Whatever standards you wish to address can be related to the project.
  • Communication, collaboration, and integration can be completed by use of wiki pages.
  • This will require a field trip or two to the area of concern.
  • Allows for Natural Resouce personnel to speak and work with students.
  • Posting of real data on websites.
  • Great for motivating the unmotivated.
  • Increase in attendance?
  • Putting theory into practice-- Gardner's multiple intellegences -- HOTS--DOL
  • Other research--ADHD, Creativity, Stress Reduction. Loose Parts Theory
  • A chance for students to become more connected to nature.
  • The pride and satisfaction of making a difference.
  • A better understanding of ways to use technology.


What Needs to addressed: Please add other issues

Essential Question: How does one increase the population of the endangered Blue Karner Butterfly in Adams County?

Goals: To have students change the environment, increasing the Karner blue butterflies habitat in 2 school forests, over 3 years.


Grade level-curriculum standards


Materials - Bill Peterson will provide some materials for us: Biltmore sticks, densiometer, & compasses

Porta potties - $55 for three days at each site

Field trip forms/permission slips -

Making sure students are properly dressed

Identifying students that need meds or are allergic to plants/bees/sunlight

Time line - Begin site data on April 22-24, 2008 - at least 3 years.

Can we use a percentage of the income of timber harvest for materials and transportation?


Staff and classrooms included: Add your name and class

Mrs. Ebert's 7th grade science - middle school

Mrs. Murphy's 7th grade science - middle school

Mrs. Werner's 4th grade classroom - AFE

Ms. Nett's 8th grade math and language arts - middle school

Mr. Stelter's 7th grade math - middle school

Mr. Ebert 8th grade science - middle school

Mr. Gralapp 6th grade social studies - middle school

Ms. Lucterhand 8th grade Spanish - middle school

Ms. Lawsing 8th grade literature/composition - middle school

Ms. Cote 8th grade - middle school

Ms. Meyers 7/8 grade - middle school

Mrs. Ennis' 7th grade - literature/composition - middle school

Mrs. Rake's 2nd grade - Grand Marsh


Concepts that will be Addressed: Add concepts that you would like to see addressed

Web 2.0 Tools -my proffesionsl development wiki Tech E tools. Sample lessons, tutorials, etc. A MUST SEEService learning Worm watch

Financial planning Cross grade levels

Resource management Cross schools

Working with real life situations Problem solving

3-Step Approach to EE Graphing

Collaboration Appreciation for and working with real life situations

Exploration Inquiry based learning

Crosscurricular Social Action

Career exploration Mapping/contour mapping


Communication Futuring the exploration of the future (scenarios)

Students published work Government

Authentic data/Assessment Research paper

Scientific method Effect on quality of life

Journaling and reflection Awareness of human/natural connection

Creative writing  Blue Karner butterfly in Wisconsin

RAFT assignments


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